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Zeppelin Works provides the highest quality parts and services to keep your car
looking and performing at its best.  The following links provide more information direct
from the manufactures and/or service providers.  We are always happy to answer
questions or make recommendations.

Tire Rack:  Huge inventory of tires and wheels for all vehicles.  We can order and
mount any tire at very competitive prices.  "No scratch or ding" mounting for your
expensive wheels!

IMS Guardian:   NEW! Engine Failure Detection System for IMS bearing!
Raby Engine Development introduces the IMS Guardian, an advanced warning system for
imminent Intermediate Shaft (IMS) failure in M96 Porsche engines.The Zeppelin Works is now
installing this system on
Porsche Boxster, Cayman, and 911 models all model year 1997-2008 can
suffer from IMS failures, (with exception of Turbo, GT2, or GT3 models).

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