Our goal is to keep your vehicle operating at peak levels of performance and efficiency be it on the track or the
daily drive.  Attention to regular maintenance with quality parts and fluids will add many miles of trouble free
driving and save money in the long run.  

Services We Provide:

Full service, inspection including under carriage, brakes, tires, suspension, steering, bumpers, electrical,
exhaust systems, etc. on our lift.  Recommended preventative maintenance using the best quality fluids, oils,
belts, etc. as approved by manufacturers.

Tire mounting and balancing that won't mark or scratch expensive wheels.  We are also a Tire Rack distributor if
you need or want high performance, special or other good tires at very competitive prices.

Repairs and parts to the highest standards and factory specifications.  

Cars are test driven after repairs for final quality assurance and double check.

Pre-purchase inspections and post purchase acceptance of vehicles delivered to this area if necessary.

Performance enhancements for engines, suspension, exhaust, etc. including race cars.  See the 914 Race Car
page for the latest project of a race car that is a serious competitor.

We also have a team of experts we team with who have the highest reputations for quality and service for body
repair and car audio installations.
Full Service and Repair
for European and other imported or domestic cars
The Zeppelin Works is now installing the IMS Guardian Engine Failure Detection System manufactured by LN
Engineering.  Click on the graphic to go to  the website for more information.

What can be done to check for a failing bearing?

There are a few simple things that can be done next time you're having your Porsche serviced to give you some
peace of mind before you take the plunge and have an IMS retrofit kit installed on your car.  Bare minimum, you
need add a magnetic drain plug. This makes for easy inspection for IMS debris.  For peace of mind, add an IMS
Guardian to your MY97-04 car for early detection of IMS bearing issues.  

Call or E-Mail for price information and model availability.